Award Categories

The finalists for 2014 in each category are:

Open Source Use in Government

For the outstanding use of free and open source in the public sector in New Zealand.

  • Auckland Council (Libraries) Makerspace
  • Common web platform
  • DigitalNZ
  • Totara Government User Group

Open Source Use in Business

For the outstanding use of free and open source in the private sector in New Zealand.

  • DiamondMind
  • Piwik
  • Scoop Independent News

Open Source Use in Education

For the outstanding use of free and open source in education in New Zealand.

  • Catalyst Open Source Academy
  • Makerspace in Dunedin
  • WEKA Data Mining project

Open Source Software Project

Recognises the free and open source software that has had the biggest positive impact on New Zealand in the past two years.

  • - NZ Official Information Act Requests
  • Koha Library Software project
  • Loomio - Open Source App for Collaborative Decision-Making

Open Source Contributor

For the outstanding contributions by a New Zealand individual or organisation to one or more free and open source projects.

  • Andrew Bartlett
  • Kristina Hoeppner's contributions to Mahara
  • Randall Britten for Auckland Bioengineering Institute open source software

Open Source in Social Services

For the outstanding use of free and open source in social services, charities and community organizations.

  • City Housing Computer Hubs
  • UC CEISMIC programme
  • Wikiproject New Zealand

Open Science Award - Creating the Commons

This category recognises the spirit and ethos of open source as applied to artistic and scientific endeavours. We are interested in works released under the Creative Commons licences and open research initiatives

  • Auckland Bioengineering Institute of open source software
  • Global Marine Environmental Datasets
  • WEKA Data mining project

Open Art Award

This award recognises use of free and open source for creative endeavours of the arts in New Zealand.

  • 19 Tory St
  • Birgit Bachler's exhibition copy wildly
  • Douglas Bagnall for the Recur project


Open Source People's Choice Award

This award recognises the individual or organisation that the free and open source community at large feels is deserving of public acknowledgement.

  • Andrew Caudwell's contribution to data visualization
  • Chris Forbes for contributions to Mesa 3D OpenGL
  • Damian Mooyman contribution to Silverstripe
  • Dragonfly Science for their commitment to open data
  • - NZ Official Information Act Requests
  • Loomio
  • Rob Elshire



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