About the NZOSA Awards

Free and open source technology is changing the way people and organisations collaborate and innovate to achieve common goals.

For New Zealand, free and open source technology not only represents an opportunity to contribute and be recognised on the world stage, but also to deliver real competitive advantage to our business sector, show leadership in government and the public sector, and provide more effective tools for community-based organisations as they meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The New Zealand Open Source Awards recognise and promote:

  • the contributions of New Zealanders directly to free and open source projects or the promotion of free and open source philosophy.
  • exemplary use of free and open source by New Zealand organisations.

The Awards work to raise awareness of the free and open source advantage for New Zealand by telling powerful success stories based on real achievements that are already making a difference for our country.

NZOSA 2014 Judges

Don Christie

Don Christie is one of the founders of Catalyst IT. The company has been providing Open Source solutions to their clients for since 1997. He is a past President of the NZOSS and is currently co-Chair of NZRise, the organisation that represents the interests of Kiwi owned digital businesses.

Fabiana Kubke judge

Dr Fabiana Kubke

Scientist at University of Auckland, open science advocate, Chair of the Advisory Panel of Creative Commons Aotaroa New Zealand, Manaiakalani hacker, and contributor to Sciblogs.co.nz and Public Library of Science blogs.

Dr Brenda Chawner

Senior Lecturer and Information Studies Programme Director in the School of Information Management at Victoria University of Wellington.

Amber Craig

Architect for Online for ANZ. Creator and director of Beyond the Achievements and Internet NZ councillor.

Dave Lane judge

Dave Lane

As President of the NZOSS, Dave is outspoken about the many advantages of FOSS, & has long been advocating its adoption by business, education & government. He now works for Catalyst IT, who in 2012 acquired Egressive, the FOSS company he founded in 1998.

Francois Marier

Security and privacy engineer at Mozilla, lead developer of Libravatar.org, and volunteer for Debian and the Free Software Foundation.

Brenda Wallace

Brenda Wallace is a New Zealand technologist, open source contributor, and open data advocate. She is an programmer at Rabid Technologies, and a councillor on the board of Internetnz.

David Nind

Business support advisor at Inland Revenue, New Zealand Open Source Society councillor, and a free and open source software user and supporter.


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